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GY102 Motor Protectiom Device

GY102 Motor Protectiom Device

GY900 motor energy saving protection device

GY900 motor energy saving protection device

Microcomputer monitoring protector for GY101 m

Microcomputer monitoring protector for GY101 m

Intelligent leakage protection switch

九游会appIntelligent leakage protection switch

GY205 motor protection device

GY205 motor protection device

GY800 motor protection device

九游会appGY800 motor protection device

Intelligent protector for GY202 motor

九游会appIntelligent protector for GY202 motor

GY08 passive passive motor protector without p

九游会appGY08 passive passive motor protector without p

ZJGY901 LCD multi-function meter

ZJGY901 LCD multi-function meter

ZJGY900 LED multi-function meter

ZJGY900 LED multi-function meter

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GeYao Technology was established in 2009 which is located in the provincial develop zone ZheJiang CangNan HaiXi finance technology industrial park .We have passed the identification of the 3C and ISO9001:2015 Quality System .GeYao is a professional manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise in researching manufacturing,selling and serving the service robots, robotic arm,motor protectors,motor energy-saving monitor devices and electric instrument products.



  • Application of single chip microcomputer in mo

    SCM Single Chip Microcomputer for short, it is CPU, ROM, RAM, TIMER/COUNTER and the input / output interface (I/O) integrated in a VLSI chip is made, some MCU integrated analog-to-digital converter (AD...

  • What is the working principle of phase protect

    九游会appThe lack of protection principle: the three-phase wire around an iron core at the same time, phase equilibrium, magnetic flux of the core is 0, when the three-phase unbalance when the magnetic flux of ...


  • Standard for use of UAVs

    The protection of the motor is often related to its control mode, that is, there is control in the protection, and there is protection in the control. Such as the motor directly start, often produce 4 ...

  • The age of robots is coming

    九游会appThe motor protector is a name for motor comprehensive protection in motor control, over-current and under flow, open phase, blocking, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, unbalance, overh...


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